Day Seven

Dear Parents,
What I have just witnessed over the past six days is so incredible. And today was the frosting on the cake. We had a lovely late breakfast all together and then some free time to explore. We gathered and walked to the beautiful Casa de la Cultural to sing in a salon that quite actually looks like Versaille. The concert was originally scheduled for 8 PM, but was moved (by government authority) to 6 PM. This is a very early time for a show in Argentina and we expected a small audience as a result. In addition, there are governmental protests going on everywhere so people are avoiding downtown.
But honestly, none of that mattered tonight. We sang with Pablo’s Sine Nomine choir and our own program. Every song displayed the full bloom of practice and maturity. I have decided that your singers need to quit school and we will all just go on the road – they are SO professional with their sound and their musical magic.
OK – so I will bring them home and they will go back to school. But on Thurs., April 28, you will hear what I am talking about.
As a reward, we took them to an elegant dinner. They stayed in their concert attire and dined like kings and queens and experienced a real Argentine dinner – one that lasts several hours!
Tomorrow we are off to the country.
Thank you again for your support of this trip. And really all I can say is “WOW”
Best to all,
And here’s the day in pictures from Justin…
Our fearless leaders take a final bow after our last concert!  We got to perform in the GORGEOUS Casa de la Cultura de Buenos Aires.  It was unlike any space we had performed in!
Featured group of the day: SENIOR SQUAD!
This is a VERY typical picture of Wanda and the kids.  I’m 100% positive this went on her Snapchat story.
Hannah, Becca, Bri and Amanda take a quick selfie in the beautiful space.
We went to a lovely dinner at London City next to the concert venue!  The seniors had a nice room in the basement.  Lots of laughter and singing!
Adam shows off for the camera, as per usual!

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