Day Eight

Dear Parents,
After 7 straight days of rain, clouds, and drizzle, the skies parted and we had a beautiful sunny day for our time in the country. The Santa Susana estancia gave us such an experience! From the warm greeting with juice and empanadas to the final gaucho demonstration on horseback, it was perfection. We rode horses (those with permission and desire), we rode in a carriage, ate amazing food, saw a lovely show with singing and dancing, even danced a bit ourselves! and then out to watch the master horsemanship of a gaucho. Of course we took the opportunity to hop on stage and sing a couple of songs before the show started!!!
I am quite sure that thousands of photos were taken between us all. And the list of countries represented in the dining room was incredible. We were sharing the day with people from all over the globe.
Tomorrow we will have our last day in this interesting city – a time to shop, discover, meander, and reflect on what we have experienced as individuals and as a group. Of course our time here must end but we will do it in style with a Tango dinner!
This will most likely be the final daily report. Our dinner will be late and our bus for the airport arrives very early on Friday morning. Your singers will return to you with hearts full of stories and adventures and the satisfaction of participating in experiences of a lifetime both on and off stage.
Thank you all for allowing us to take these young people on this journey.
We will see you soon!
Kate, Wanda, Katie, Benjamin, Justin, and Patrick & Choir
Today’s notes and photos from Justin…


We spent today at our estancia in the country, Santa Susana!  We had such a relaxing day riding horses and wagons, listening to live music, eating some yummmmmmmmy food and “horsing around” on the estancia grounds.







Ben and Matt turn into little monsters when good food is put in front of them!  NO ONE left hungry from our excursion to dinner!




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