Day Six

Dear Parents,
Another fantastic day in the big city. We started the day with a lovely group breakfast – healthy even! And then we toured the 3rd most famous opera house in the world! It is truly remarkable in every way.
We took the bus to La Plata and had another wonderful concert. The hosts were incredible – they gave us home made empanadas and had folkloric dancers to entertain us after the concert. Some of our students joined the dance and the SoS boys did what they do!!! It was amazing.
And now – off to bed. More tomorrow with additional details when it’s not midnight!
You should be very proud of your singers – they are indeed special people.
Small group breakfast day!  We mixed up and went to the same restaurant in different locations.  It was great!
We had a BEAUTIFUL tour of Teatro Colón.  It was incredible!  Many pictures were taken, but here’s one of Angela looking out over this elegant performance space.
On our way to La Plata, we stopped at this massive Catedral La Plata.
We took a moment to sing a song or two and filled this inspiring cathedral with beautiful music.  Look for videos to come soon….
Our second-to-last concert singing with Pablo’s choir.
After the concert, there were empanadas and traditional dances presented to us, and some of our students joined in the fun!  Please excuse the blurry photos–it was quite a party!

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