Day Five

Dear Parents,
We had a leisurely morning and it was necessary for all! With the free morning some ventured to a fabulous book store, others to the outdoor market and others to a local breakfast. At 2:30 we boarded a bus provided for us by the bario of Villa Ballester and were transported to our concert site. Brief rehearsals, a change of clothes, and another lovely concert for a VERY appreciative audience. They fed us a delicious dinner and we were grateful for an early return. . . . although the bus driver was a little sketchy on the address. Somehow it seems that GPS here stands for “General Possible Solution” with the emphasis on possible!!!!
Tomorrow we will begin our day with a group breakfast and tour the world famous Teatro Colon. Then we will go to La Plata- the capital of the province of Buenos  Aires. We will sing for a new audience and with a new choir.
All the best from the Southern Hemisphere,
Kate & Choir
PS Just a note about the fabulous chaperones on this trip – they are amazing!
Some of us visited a BEAUTIFUL book store – El Ateneo.  It’s in a restored opera house and is considered one of the the top 10 in the world!
We took a bumpy bus ride to Villa Ballester (where Pablo grew up!) and visited the Sociedad Coral Alemana (German Choral Society).
Billy Lynn and choir performing in the concert hall at the German Choral Society.
Charlie sang a solo, and it was wonderful! The audience loved it.  Great work, Charlie!
Pablo and Kate translate the German text for the audience.
The choral society gave Kate a beautiful clock in appreciation for the music she brought to them!
After the concert, they fed us some munchies.  Thomas and Matt are deep in conversation with the locals.

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