Day Four (updated with pictures!)

Dear parents and supporters,
Today was amazing! From start to finish. We had a wonderful bus tour of the city with a lovely guide, Raul. He spoke excellent English and we all learned so much about this unique city. Off to the university to rehearse with the conductors of the workshop and back to the hotel with enough time to shower and change before the concert.
There were three choirs on the program for the evening. They each sang individually and then in collaboration. Our Payton Concert Choir sang with such passion and energy. They gave the guest conductors an opportunity to shine and experience North American repertoire with authenticity. Our own portion of the concert was magical – the acoustics were perfect for singing, and that brings such a dynamic to the soundscape. And the cherry on top was singing the “Credo” from the Missatango with Pablo and the small orchestra.
It was an amazing concert experience that will never be forgotten by any of us.
Once again, we thank you at home for sharing the vision of this trip.
More tomorrow,
Breakfast in a panadería (bakery) right next to our hotel!  Medialunas (the best croissant you could ever eat, EVER!) for everyone!
Amanda Ortiz looking longingly into the eyes of a tango dancer.
We took a wonderful bus tour around the city today and had the chance to stop in a barrio (neighborhood) called La Boca.  So much color in this small tourist area!
Later that evening, the choir performed an INCREDIBLE concert.  The music we made was unforgettable!  The orchestra performed the Credo from Palmeri’s “Misa Tango” with us.
We played to a full church of music lovers and it was beautiful.
After our concert, we had a pizza party and happened to have a jam session!  SOS started a few songs and pretty soon the entire restaurant was clapping along!  It was a great way to end the night.

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