Day Three

You will notice that each of these reports gets later and later! A sign of location for sure. What a day!
The rain was so furious that I arranged buses at the last minute. As many of you know, that resulted in a late arrival at Lincoln and a late “live streaming” concert. It was so lovely to see my old school and to share it with the students. It is a very special place and they welcomed us with open arms.
This evening the singers were essentially the workshop choir for a unique gathering of choral conducting students from Argentina parts near and far. Conductors auditioned with me to present a few of our pieces at the concert tomorrow evening. As you can imagine. . . I was picky about who could lead this fabulous choir!!
Tomorrow promises to be our biggest day and also a very important day. We are a part of the opening of the cultural concert season. The Dean of the Universitario will be there and many many directors and students from around the area. As you can imagine – many of these details are being revealed as we go!
We will breakfast together at the confeteria next door and get on a bus for a city tour from 9:30 – 12:30. At 3:00 we will return to the Universitario for a rehearsal with the student conductors and then get ready for the big concert.
The singers of our choir are poised, vulnerable, confident, and amazing. They are representing Payton, your family, and our country in the best possible ways.
More soon,
And now for Justin’s recap:  So many good moments today!
We went to the school where Kate used to teach and gave a concert to some elementary/middle/high schoolers!  Lincoln was in a BEAUTIFUL neighborhood on the Rio de la Plata (the widest river in the world).
We were not strangers to the rain today! Luckily we were able to some buses to take us to Lincoln.  No one got soaked!
Our dynamic duo (Ben & Tyler)!  Two very talented musicians playing our four-handed piano song.
SOS made an appearance at the concert today!
Circling up in front of our hotel for a quick info session!
Wandering the streets on the way to rehearsal!
Singing in a masterclass with some of Pablo’s students at the university.  Lots of different interpretations of the songs we’ve prepared for the trip.  Makes for a very attentive rehearsal watching these changes.
Today’s featured chaperone group:  J-SQUAAAAD!

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