Day Two (with link to concert!)

Dear Parents,
You should be SO PROUD of your singers! Tonight’s concert was stunning. They sang SO well in spite of being in a very humid, tiny room! There were so many magic moments as happens in these situations.
We rehearsed this morning in the beautiful Iglecia de Metodista where our concert will be this Saturday. Pablo was not there yet so I took the opportunity to have the students sing “If Ye Love Me” which was written for a cathedral setting. It was beautiful! The church is grey stone, stained glass and right in the middle of the city. . . oh a 4 minute walk from our hotel!
After some down time, we took the train to the Universitario with our costumes in hand and found a dinner place (truly the slowest service in the world!) before our concert.
Delicious food and on to the pre-show rehearsal. Changing to concert attire in the tiniest bathrooms and on to the show. Sine Nomine choir began and sang 3 beautiful pieces and then we sang too many and we ended with the collaborative pieces. You will hear videos later. The room was small and the humidity was high and. . . . I looked into the eyes of the singers and they were SO present and engaged.
And the big surprise of the evening was that two of our students on the OTHER Argentina exchange (Isabel and Jacob) joined us for the show and brought families and friends. So it was a lovely gathering of like-minded Paytonites in Argentina!
Thank you for supporting this remarkable experience.
More tomorrow.

Here is Justin’s recap of Day Two in Argentina…

Tonight was our first concert of the trip!  Exciting news—you can join us for a LIVE STREAM of tomorrow’s concert at 8:30-9:30 AM Chicago time (10:30-11:30 AM in Buenos Aires).

Here’s the link to watch the live concert performance on Friday, April 15 at 8:30 AM Chicago time:


Earlier in the day we had our first rehearsals with Maestro Pablo di Mario and Maestra Kate Johnston in a new space–a Methodist church near our hotel.  Beautiful space with beautiful acoustics!




It was a full day of music–hope you can join us for tomorrow morning’s concert!

Buenos noches from Team Potter (affectionately called Team Dobby).





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