Day One Recap

Greetings parents,
I will not write three times a day during this trip, but I want you to know how wonderful the students did today. We had a marvelous rehearsal with Sine Nomine choir and they met and worked with my wonderful friend Pablo. I worked with Sine Nomine and Payton first and then Pablo rehearsed some music. We sang for each other – it was lovely.
This rehearsal occurred after a VERY long flight – some time for recuperation, showers, neighborhood exploration, then dinner and a rehearsal at the Universitario Nacional del Artes – a beautiful Baroque building. A rehearsal in a room built for 10 monks was occupied with 55 singers and I think the temperature in the room was 80 degrees with at least as much humidity.
Even after all of that, the Payton singers decided to share their most virile piece (Elijah Rock) for the sharing time and they represented well! Sine Nomine shared a piece about dreams (which we hope to acquire!).
Our team of chaperones  is amazing and your students are too.
More posts and notes tomorrow – another day of music making. And there are protests and strikes going on because of political issues – all of which inform the fabric of this fascinating country we are visiting.
You are always on our minds and hearts.
More tomorrow,
Ms. J

And here’s today’s recap from our intrepid blogger Justin Potter…

Chaperones get tired, too!  We had a looooooong first day, and Katie just needed a quick cat nap during dinner.ar1.1

We had our first rehearsal at the Universitario Nacional del Arte.  Quite a cozy rehearsal in a fairly small classroom, but they stayed focused and made some great music with Pablo’s choir!



Here’s the group gathering outside our hotel, Super Resort Buenos Aires!



I snapped a pic in the Plaza de Mayo (the Casa Rosada is on the right).  We had a few hours to explore the city on our own and were happy to find that we’re only a few blocks away from these beautiful sights!


Today was such a successful first day and it’s SO HARD to believe that we got here this morning!  Plenty of smiles today.  We get to sleep in for a bit tomorrow, and I know they’re looking forward to it.



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