Day Nine

Yesterday was our free day and some of us got to see some pretty cool stuff. Outside the Eva Perón museum.  About ten of us made our way to see her museum! Inside the oldest church in Buenos Aires. Recoleta Cemetery has some of the most beautiful mausoleums I’ve ever seen.  Eva Durate Perón is … More Day Nine

Day Eight

Dear Parents, After 7 straight days of rain, clouds, and drizzle, the skies parted and we had a beautiful sunny day for our time in the country. The Santa Susana estancia gave us such an experience! From the warm greeting with juice and empanadas to the final gaucho demonstration on horseback, it was perfection. We … More Day Eight

Day Seven

Dear Parents, What I have just witnessed over the past six days is so incredible. And today was the frosting on the cake. We had a lovely late breakfast all together and then some free time to explore. We gathered and walked to the beautiful Casa de la Cultural to sing in a salon that … More Day Seven

Day Six

Dear Parents, Another fantastic day in the big city. We started the day with a lovely group breakfast – healthy even! And then we toured the 3rd most famous opera house in the world! It is truly remarkable in every way. We took the bus to La Plata and had another wonderful concert. The hosts … More Day Six

Day Five

Dear Parents, We had a leisurely morning and it was necessary for all! With the free morning some ventured to a fabulous book store, others to the outdoor market and others to a local breakfast. At 2:30 we boarded a bus provided for us by the bario of Villa Ballester and were transported to our concert site. … More Day Five

Day Three

Greetings! You will notice that each of these reports gets later and later! A sign of location for sure. What a day! The rain was so furious that I arranged buses at the last minute. As many of you know, that resulted in a late arrival at Lincoln and a late “live streaming” concert. It … More Day Three

Day One Recap

Greetings parents, I will not write three times a day during this trip, but I want you to know how wonderful the students did today. We had a marvelous rehearsal with Sine Nomine choir and they met and worked with my wonderful friend Pablo. I worked with Sine Nomine and Payton first and then Pablo … More Day One Recap